Friday, June 12, 2015

Stories I Have Written (a page in progress)

I am currently published under 2 different names. LE Allen is fantasy. DD Dunn is mystery.
Want to know more about a story, and how to read it in full? Click on each title to find the story's individual page. 
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When is murder not a mystery? When it's a vehicle to drive the story.
Psychic twins, monsters, music, a touch of romance... wanna go for a ride?

Destiny Unbound (LE Allen)
In this matriarchal society, a fourth daughter sets out on her 18th birthday to find a nice quiet living.  She ends up finding Destiny instead.  She's not happy about that. 
Book 1 in the Destiny Trilogy; Ainland series

Elusive Dreams (DD Dunn)
Dayna had a little dream, to be a star on stage. And everywhere that Dayna went, death was all the rage. It followed her to school one day, and Dayna raised a cry, "Am I the one who's killing, or am I the next to die?"

Love Bites (LE Allen)
A short story about a girl.

Destiny Foretold (LE Allen) chapters available for Beta- Reading

“I don’t want to be a wizard!”

No one can say when a story really begins – if it’s the fall of a leaf, or the flap of a butterfly’s wings. The foundling would say her story starts the day she was knocked unconscious when a wizard’s power unexpectedly, and explosively, passed to her. It can be annoying to be 13 years old and feel like your Destiny has been hijacked -- along with your name and your friends and your free will.
But stories are not their beginnings, and lives are not about what we are; they are about what we do. As the foundling grows, her loyalty to queen and Clan grows also. And despite her attempts to give the power away, she may find herself in a place where she will fight to keep it.
Book 2 in the Destiny Trilogy; Ainland Series

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