Not Really a Murder Mystery

When is murder not really a mystery?  When it’s used to gild the ugly facts of life.  When it’s something that happens to other people.  When it’s merely a vehicle to move the story along.

Of necessity, a survivor’s world is a small and linear one, while the human world is large and involved.  Eventually, a survivor must peek outside of her world and see her place in the larger one, feel the impact she makes on other’s lives.  See situations with a broader view. Otherwise, she remains a victim.

Not Really a Murder Mystery is a journey from victim to survivor, with stops at emotional dependency, blatant prejudice, scary creeps, and super monsters.  We might see a few bodies along the way. 

So come on, get into the car.

 Signed by Lila ($13.50)  

I should sign the book too...



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